Unique Classes at Columbia

Published on Apr 04, 2013

Registration is open for fall and summer classes. You signed up for all your general education and major classes, but you wouldn’t mind taking something off the beaten path. Expand your mind and  consider signing up for these unconventional  classes that could only happen at Columbia.

  1. Art and Code

    Art does not need to be at odds with technology, and neither do you! Thanks to the Art and Code class in the Interactive Arts and Media Department, students across all disciplines can learn basic programming skills that will help express artistic identity and concepts. No prerequisite required.

  2. The History of the Future

    From Doomsday prophecies to social trends, our society is constantly changing its ideas and visions for the future. Join the conversation and live intellectually in this class that focuses on utopia, science fiction and technology. Bonus: It counts as a history credit! Prerequisite: Writing and Rhetoric I.

  3. Body Tune-Up and Conditioning

    Artists are often portrayed as tortured souls who sacrifice their body and soul for their work. But staying in shape and feeling healthy are imperative for any hard-working artist. So grab your gym shorts and take this class, which will have you doing aerobic, strength and flexibility exercises to increase your physical well-being. You’ll even create your own personal fitness goals! No prerequisite.

  4. Cartoons and Satire in American History

    Do you want to be an animator on “South Park?” Can’t live without your weekly dose of “Family Guy?” Then this class in the English Department is right up your alley. It explores the satire of our favorite cult classics. Now you can finally tell your parents that cartoons don’t make you dumb. Prerequisite: Writing and Rhetoric I.

  5. Psychology of Creativity

    Who says creativity can’t be measured? This class breaks down the different kinds of creativity, both on an individual and societal level. Take a dive inside your own mind, and maybe you’ll come out with a new idea. No prerequisite.

  6. Death and Dying

    Like Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” But let’s be real: one is easier to deal with than the other. If death is a major theme in your work, try taking this Humanities course. You’ll study how our society perceives death and how it is interpreted by different people. Prerequisite: Writing and Rhetoric I.