Get Pumped for the Halloween Gathering

Published on Oct 06, 2015

**Are you a participant? See additional information and schedule for the parade below**

By Keisa Reynolds (’15) 

Looking to get a little spooky before Halloween? Join Columbia and the city of Chicago in its first Halloween Gathering on Saturday, October 24

Mark Kelly, vice president of Student Success, is the Artistic Director of the Halloween Gathering. Live and Performing Arts Management students Delaney Morris (‘16) and Liam Manglano (‘17) are leading Columbia’s team.

What is the Halloween Gathering?
As part of the new Columbia Weekend, The Halloween Gathering is a cultural event that will showcase artists and performers from all over the city. Hosted by the Chicago Cultural Mile Association (CCMA), the all-day festival will end with a nighttime parade.

Starting at noon, the festival will take place from Millennium Park to Grant Park. To follow, there will be a parade from 6 to 8pm. A light show will take place from 5 to 9pm.

Columbia is joining the festivities with the Art Institute, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Louder than a Bomb, and other major institutions and organizations. 

How will Columbia participate?
Columbia is among Roosevelt, SAIC, and other local colleges to have a contingent of students in the parade.

“I presume Columbia’s contingent will rock it,” says Kelly, who brought the idea of the event after CCMA reached out to him.

Morris is Columbia’s Producer for the gathering, which puts her in charge of rallying the student body to form a contingent in the parade. Columbia’s contingent will consist of costumes, puppetry, music, and dance.

All students, especially new students, are invited to participate. Student organizations are also welcome to come together and partner with Columbia’s Halloween Gathering team.

How do I get involved?
“Every student can get involved by using the jumpsuit as a canvas to create an embodiment of their self,” Morris says.

There are 1,500 white jumpsuits for distribution. Students can go to the Workroom (916 S. Wabash, 3rd floor) to pick up one and decorate it to their heart’s content. After October 9, jumpsuits can be picked up in the library.

gathering costume

If you need guidance on making a cool jumpsuit, there will be a final costume workshop on Tuesday, October 13. It will be hosted at 618 S. Michigan, second floor, 3-6pm.

Use the tag #CCCHalloween on any social media platform to share your newly decorated jumpsuit. There is a panel of judges who will decide on five or six jumpsuits that will be featured at the pre-Halloween party CCMA is hosting at Soho House. Being featured at the party is a great networking opportunity for students since there will be many creative industry professionals in attendance.

There is also a need for volunteers to do makeup, create puppets, and assist with artwork. If you are interested in getting involved, send an email to

Where do I find additional information?
Check out more information on the Columbia Weekend website, here.

Send additional questions to Columbia’s team and check out CCMA’s page on the Halloween Gathering.

Schedule for Participants: 

Friday, October 23rd

On Friday, October 23rd, 2015 we will be having a parade rehearsal and are inviting all parade participants to join in. We will be meeting in front of 624 S Michigan Ave at 4:30pm and marching around campus until 5:20pm. So come join in, wear your costume and get a small taste of what will be happening on Saturday night!

Saturday, October 24th

The Halloween Gathering is finally upon us. On Saturday, October 24th at 6pm the city will have it's eyes on us and all of the other creative communities in Chicago for the grand procession going North on Columbus Dr. Please show up dressed in your decorated white jumpsuit and be ready to perform. Be prepared to not leave anything behind at Columbia, this is a "show up as you are" and you are responsible for all of your stuff

2:15pm: Volunteers Arrive to the Lobby of 916 S Wabash
2:45pm-3:15pm: All Parade Participants must arrive to the Sculpture Garden (Across the street from 1104 S Wabash)
3:15pm: Columbia Contingent is lined up by group
3:30pm: Parade Remarks given
3:45pm: Everyone walks over to Roosevelt and Columbus together
4:15pm: Columbia's Contingent is lined up and set
6:00pm: Parade kicks off
8:00pm: Parade Disbands and Puppets are walked back to 916 S Wabash