Columbia College Chicago Makes Plans for New Student Center

Published on Nov 10, 2015

We are excited to announce that Columbia’s Board of Trustees has agreed to move ahead with the development of a construction proposal for a new student center.  The new center will be built on the site of the Papermaker’s Garden at the corner of 8th and Wabash. (The Papermaker’s Garden will be moved to the Sculpture Garden location, which is closer and adjacent to the college’s paper making studios.) The goal will be to create a state-of-the-art student center that will best facilitate student collaboration, interaction, and learning. 

Columbia’s leadership is determined to complete this project in time so that current first-year students will be able to experience its benefits as seniors. With the Board’s approval now in hand, we will move into a nine-week project planning phase beginning this month. While the Board develops a final financing strategy for the project, members of the campus community, including students, will be invited into an intensive campus-wide conversation about how the new space could be used and what programming is envisioned for it.  

We look forward to sharing the programming and space use recommendations with the campus community by the start of the spring semester.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
1104 S Wabash, Conaway Center, 5pm

Dream out loud with Dr. Kim and the Student Government Association in a conversation about Colulmbia's new Student Center. The Design firm Soloman, Cordwall, and Buenz will kick off the discussion. Ideas, concepts, and goals will be discussed and free food will be provided!