Your Creative Director of Manifest 2016

Published on Dec 01, 2015

By Ashley Wolfgang

We are happy to announce that the Manifest 2016 Creative Director is Cassidy Kapson (’16)! Kapson is a senior Illustration major from Chicago, IL.

Have there been any classes or professors who have influenced your design and illustration work?
Illustration Studio and Illustration History & Practice opened my eyes to a lot of what illustration has to offer and how to navigate it as a career, and Chris Eliopoulos and Julia Kuo were really helpful and motivating in their respective classes.

I do gig posters outside of school and those two classes helped me figure out how my work fits and functions in the industry and how to apply my interest in festivals and poster art in a more focused, developed, conceptual, and professional way. I could say similar things about all of the other illustration-specific classes I’ve taken (like Figure Illustration with Fred Nelson), or am taking now (like Digital Illustration with Chris Arnold). I’m really lucky to have the faculty I have, they’ve all influenced the way I work in a lot of really positive ways.

Cassidy Kapson, Creative Director of Manifest 2016

What types of art/illustration inspires you? Are there any artists that you look up to?
I’m really inspired by insanely colorful and detailed works, decorative styles, and metaphysical and natural subject matter. I think art that you can stare at for a long time and continually be surprised by or see new things in is the coolest. I’m a big fan of Mucha and Klimt for their ornate styles, and I love art nouveau in general (it essentially birthed psychedelic poster art, so I especially love it for that). My favorite current illustrator/poster artist is EMEK, who has done posters for a million bands and festivals that I love and also hope to work with someday. He also has a really intriguing style that has a ton of detail and lots of things hidden within the main subject of the work. I’m a big fan of Alex Grey, too; his ideas and deep/colorful imagery is super appealing to me. 

Cassisy Kapson's winning submission

Describe your campaign concept and design for Manifest 2016
For my designs I really wanted to represent the idea of animation and movement in an eye-catching way. By using a high contrast color scheme with dynamic movement and line, I have created an image that "moves," even though it is technically static. My goal for the campaign is to stray from minimalism and instead use imagery that is vivid and refuses to be ignored. Manifest is such an explosion of energy every year, and I think the design of the festival should reflect that. 

I really want my designs to reflect the brilliant creative energy that exists at Columbia, and express how vibrant and unique all of us students really are.