Manifest Spotlight: What’s New for 2015?

Published on Mar 10, 2015

By Joshua Robinson (MAM ’15) 

On May 15th, 2015 Manifest Urban Arts Festival will be the nexus of all things Columbia, all things creative, and all things art. Manifest is the annual showcase of the flood of creative output that Columbia College Chicago students have been working on all year long.

“Our students are engaging in truly collaborative, experiential learning that threads in-and-out-of-the-classroom work and takes it to a whole new level,” says Kari Sommers, Assistant Dean of Student Life.

“I know that I am a bit partial, but we have the best students. Truly! Manifest will heighten that level of artistry and professionalism, at which Columbia students excel.”

What's new for 2015:

  • The Great Convergence: The Great Convergence kicks off the jam-packed day of Manifest each year. This year Columbia is collaborating with alumni Artistic Director, Tonika Todorova from Silent Theatre to creative the ultimate kick-off event yet! Expect nothing less than flying puppets, moving vehicles, a rambunctious crowd and a convolution of Columbia pride.

    “I don’t want to disclose any secrets or surprises, but I can say that this year will be one of our largest, most elaborate, and exciting experiences. Think floating, flying, magic,” says said Kari Sommers, Assistant Dean of Student Life.

  • Fulcrum Stage: This year, the Fulcrum Stage will be presented by the Student Programming Board and the Business & Entrepreneurship Events Management Practicum class. This stage will be the place to discover the next generation of artists and performers who have developed right on our campus. Every genre and talent is explored on this stage as we share our favorite student trailblazers with the South Loop.

    “[This collaboration] gives the students a chance to meet students who are like minded individuals interested in events and booking, but also it gives them a little bit more of a real-life scenario,” says Marcus Foster, Program Coordinator for the Office of Student Activities.

    Manifest is always a collaborative process, so working together is at the center of what makes Manifest work. “[At] any large festival you’re going to be working with different small entities, small parts coming together to make a whole,” says Foster.

    “For students, Manifest is the big show, they feel like it’s one of the best experiences of their college lives. It’s what gets them ready and pumped either for graduation or for the year to come. They’re ready and they feel like they can take on the world.”

  • The Focal Point Pop-Up Lounge: This year, Student Programming Board is collaborating with the Manifest Student Team to design a space to re-charge in the midst of the Manifest chaos. The Focal Point Pop-Up Lounge will provide free fun with an exclusive, VIP feel that features: a live DJ set, henna and tattoo artists, snacks, t-shirt hacking, palm readings, a photo booth, and more.

    “The Focal Point Lounge will act as sort of a central hub for Manifest, somewhere to go to get directions, charge cell phones, and to do some cool activities like nail art and getting your palm read,” says Manifest Productions Assistant, Rosetta Lane.

    “In general we want it to be a relaxing, but interactive space, somewhere people can pop in to for just a minute to get directions or stay for an hour and chill out on the furniture.”

  • Portfolio Day: Formerly known as “Industry Events,” Portfolio Day is a chance for graduating seniors and Graduate students to not only polish their resume and portfolio, but also a great chance to meet industry professionals, and receive valuable career specific feedback on their portfolios. The exclusive event for Seniors and Graduate students will be on April 30th. Learn more about how you had prep your resume and portfolio for future employers at the Portfolio Center: