Student Spotlight: Scott Englert '17

Published on May 03, 2016

By Neal Steichen (MFA ’17)

You may have heard by now that this year’s Manifest is being headlined by Bronzeville-native Sir the Baptist. What you may not know is that his Creative Marketing Director is Columbia College Chicago student Scott Englert ( '17). A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Englert is a Marketing major with a minor in Management who, through hard work and the help of Columbia, has broken into the music industry in a big way. 

Could you explain your current position and how you got it?
Believe it or not, I met Sir when he was homeless driving for Lyft. I picked him up after a Grammy board meeting and, through natural conversations and figuring we both worked in music, he played me some of his most recent tracks. After consulting on a few experiential marketing campaigns, I had built an infectious relationship with him and his whole team and decided to come on board full time.

My main responsibilities include creative and experiential marketing campaigns, brand partnerships, and street team/festival promotions. I have implemented a mobile glowing church pew that accompanies us to all of the festivals and performances, facilitated a partnership with Shazam, and, of course, booked Sir as the Chicago Grammy Party Performer and Columbia Manifest Headliner.

Sir the Baptist and Scott Englert

How has your time at Columbia helped you in your achievements?
Columbia is the reason that I have all of this. I learned about Columbia’s music label AEMMP records and convinced the school to let me take the course as a sophomore, which is a usually a senior level course. During this course, Columbia allowed us to utilize all of the resources in Chicago and to work with talent like Saba, Noname, and Joey Purp that have all now garnished national attention through collaborations with Chance The Rapper and their own solo careers. 

At the same time that I started working on the school’s label, I was offered a job to be the GRAMMYU Representative for the Chicago Chapter of The Recording Academy, which is a student membership of The Recording Academy that gives students access to some of the biggest professionals in the industry, touring artists that come through town, and exclusive professional development programming. I am a student liaison for The Recording Academy and report to our chapter board meetings, speak in relevant classes in the Chicagoland colleges, and interview artists like Sam Smith, Jason Mraz, Herbie Hancock, Just Blaze, and Disclosure.

Scott Englert ('17)

Is there any advice you have for other students who are looking to travel down a similar academic/career path?
When looking to work with artists, labels, and other professionals, it is important to identify people that work relentlessly to get there. The major label artists I have engage with all have one thing in common: they don't stop working or moving! Nobody is going to just offer you success and you can’t be a part of encouraging that type of thinking with your artist or team. 

If you want to get into contact with Scott Englert or see his work, you can find him here: 

Instagram: Studiocouchlord
Snapchat: SnapScott8
Twitter: Studiocouchlord