Counseling Services

Counseling Services is designed to help students increase self-awareness and address mental health concerns with the goal of empowering students to manage challenging areas in their lives. Services are available to currently enrolled students. A semesterly fee, which is included in your tuition and fees, covers the costs of all visits!

Common concerns addressed: depression, anxiety, mood swings, fearfulness, thoughts of suicide or homicide, poor concentration, recent loss of a loved one or significant other, troubled or abusive relationships, nervousness or tension, poor body image, difficulty adjusting to college life, low self-esteem, and substance abuse.

Professional standards of confidentiality are followed by the entire Counseling Services Staff. Personal health information provided to our office will be protected unless a student provides written permission to release that information. Exceptions to this policy exist when confidential information is needed to protect a student’s health or safety or is mandated by law.

Counseling Services provides brief, short-term therapy. If you need further psychological services over the course of therapy, we will make every effort to provide you with appropriate off-campus referrals. While, on-campus counseling sessions are included in your tuition and fees, outside providers charge for their services. It is your responsibility to arrange for any payment that is necessary for off-campus providers.

Due to COVID-19 Precautions, all services are provided via Telebehavioral Health (TBH) using a FERPA and HIPAA compliant platform (Zoom for Healthcare.)

Individual Therapy

The student and clinician collaborate to work through a wide variety of difficulties, ranging from depression and anxiety to relationship concerns and academic stressors. A supportive and non-judgmental environment is provided to assist students with the process of developing strategies for lasting positive change.

Process Groups

An open space in which students can talk about current life experiences and receive support from peers. These groups may consist of up to 10 students. Clinicians facilitate weekly groups, encourage active participation and provide support.

Personal Improvement Groups

Groups occur daily covering topics such as emotion management, social success, healthy relationships, cultivating happiness, sexuality, life skills, time-management and self-care. Groups are facilitated by a clinician and are 45 minutes in length. In addition to talking, group work may include writing, journaling and creative expression.

Community Linkage / Referral

Clinicians can assist students with connecting to community providers when the presenting need(s) cannot be affectively addressed through short-term therapy. For example, Counseling Services cannot prescribe medication, so if medication is an identified need, we will assist the student in identifying a provider who can do so.

Counseling Services is unable to provide court mandated treatment of any kind. The counseling provided at Counseling Services does not meet eligibility criteria for entitlements as our records do not contain a mental health diagnosis. Entitlements include but are not limited to, emotional support animals, marijuana for medicinal purposes, documentation required for Services for Students with Disabilities, or aid programs through Columbia College Chicago. Students in need of the above services will receive community referrals.

Information for Minors:

Except for situations such as those mentioned above, the clinician will not tell the parent or guardian specific things shared within session. The clinician may need to use their professional judgment if they feel that you are in danger. In those situations, the parent or guardian will be contacted. Students, under the age of 18, will be required to complete a separate Adolescent Consent Form.