2013 Albert P. Weisman Award Exhibition

September 3 – October 11, 2013

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 18, 5 – 7pm

Award Ceremony: September 18, 5:30pm

The Albert P. Weisman Award was established in 1974 to encourage both undergraduate and graduate students to complete projects in fields of communication.  With projects spanning several disciplines including photography, film and video, architecture, fine art and design, the exhibition offers a wide range of artistic agendas. 

Artists include:

Nick Albertson, Josh Poehlein, Jay Turner Frey Seawel, Arkie Ring, Sasha Andruzheychik, Hannah King, Barbara Deiner, Gregg Evans, Ali Cantarella, Jenna Rodriguez, Carey Allison, Sarah Culbertson, Lauren Jackson, Sam McAllister, Samuel O Reilly, Courtney St. Clair, Jeremy Blake, Elizabeth Gilder, Hanna Anderton, Kamilah Jones, Clare Sammons, Julie Wilmore, Sophia Allison, Monica Brown, Corinna Cowels, Krista Franklin, Nina Lawrin, Jacqueline N McGill, Megan Pitcher, Jennifer Merie Rodriguez, K Shelton, Jess Dugan, Gregg Evans, Jordano Powell, Anna Kaspar, Ani Katz and Leona Lee

The 2013 Albert P. Weisman Award Exhibition is co-sponsored by the Portfolio Center.

Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Academic Partners: the Portfolio Center

Exhibition Contact: Mark Porter/mporter@colum.edu/312-369-6643




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