Campus Safety and Security

In January of 2008, the Chicago City Council passed the updated Chicago Clean Indoor Air Ordinance (Chapter 7-32 of the City of Chicago Code). The law is intended to protect the health of citizens against tobacco and secondhand smoke by prohibiting smoking within all campus facilities, and within 15 feet of any building entrance. In 2014, the Chicago Clean Indoor Air Act was updated to include e-cigarettes in the law.

It is the responsibility of the college community members to comply with and respect the College's accountability for compliance. All staff, faculty and students are asked to assist enforcing this smoking policy. Security officers will inform the appropriate personnel of violations with the policy that may result in college disciplinary action.

"No smoking" signs have been posted throughout the college campus and will be maintained as a reminder.

Secondhand smoke is known to cause cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems, bring on asthma attacks and irritate allergies. To learn more about secondhand smoking, visit the American Lung Associaton website.

The Office of Safety and Security requests your cooperation in complying and reminding others about the city ordinance.

Thank you for helping us keep our campus smoke-free! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.