Services for Students with Disabilities

For Students 

Our test scheduling process is now online!
Students with testing accommodations, please fill out this form.

Please do not fill out this form if you do not have testing accommodations.

Please contact our office at, 312-369-8296, the day before the test to confirm that your testing accommodation is all set.   


For Instructors 

Our test scheduling process is now online!

SSD will email you after the student makes us aware of an upcoming test; however, you are welcome to fill out the form ahead of time if you wish.

Please complete the following form here.

If the test is on Canvas, click the following link for a guide on changing an assessment’s duration: Canvas Time Adjustment Guide. 

This new testing procedure is intended to make the process easier! By streamlining the test scheduling forms you used to receive, we hope to serve you and your students more efficiently. 

We will scan completed in-person assessments and email them back to you.