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We believe that cultivating curiosity about ourselves, each other, and the world we live in can lead to transformative communities. We believe in the power of creatives as storytellers and change agents. We believe not only that there is joy in our work, but that the celebration of our joy is necessary to achieve our work together. We offer deep gratitude to the work of the many BIPOC and LGBTQ+ theorists, thinkers, and imaginators that created the foundations for our work and express our excitement to be part of the work for our futures together.   We are excited and honored to do this work with our Columbia community.


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SDI’s mission is to build and foster a Columbia environment that is supportive, affirming, celebratory, and rooted in equity. We aim to: 



We strive towards a campus community that actively and consistently challenges systems of structural oppression and inequity, is accountable and actionable to community needs, and prioritizes the perspectives of those from marginalized identity groups.


Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in SDI programs will be able to: 

 Demonstrate the openness, empathy, and critical reflection necessary to respect perspectives, identities, and experiences that differ from their own. 


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