Student Diversity and Inclusion



Welcome to Student Diversity & Inclusion

As we welcome you back to campus and prepare to embark on another academic year, we want to acknowledge that many in our Columbia community are experiencing ongoing stress and trauma. We recognize that living in an oppressive society takes a toll on our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. We also recognize that many legislative actions and decisions across the nation have a tremendous and ongoing impact on Columbia students, faculty, staff, partners, patrons, and collaborators. 

Specifically, we acknowledge that the rise in legislation attacking LGBTQIA+ folx, especially trans and non-binary youth, and the Dobbs decision overturning the constitutional right to an abortion have and will continue to negatively and disproportionately impact our most vulnerable community members. It is okay to not be okay. It is okay to feel uncertain and scared. It is okay to need rest. It is also okay to be joyful and defiant.
As we make the transition into a new school year, we want to be clear that we are here to support you, advocate with you, and celebrate you as you.