Peer Support Program

The Mission of the Peer Support Program is to increase the success and retention rates of first-year Columbia College Chicago students. The program connects first-year minority and other underrepresented students with upper-class peer mentors. Peer mentors coordinate opportunities for students to become acclimated to the campus and Chicago area, as well as to develop their personal, academic, social and cultural experiences through programming and guidance.

Are you a new student looking for a little help and guidance? Enroll in the Peer Support Program!

Matthew Rillie
618 S Michigan, Suite 405  
Phone: (312) 369-7825

  • Benefits

    Starting your college experience can be overwhelming, but many successful students benefit from having a mentor to guide them in this process. With the Peer Support Program, you can:

    • receive individual support from an upper-class peer mentor.
    • be placed in a family cluster of fellow mentees.
    • connect with offices and programs across campus.
    • attend social and educational events to enhance your first-year experience.
    • develop positive relationships that can last a lifetime.

    Enroll in the Peer Support Program!

  • Requirements

    You must:

    • Be a first-year student (freshman or transfer standing).
    • Be available to attend Peer Support Program events.
    • Be in touch with your mentor at least every two weeks (in person, phone, or email).
    • Have a sincere interest in developing a relationship that supports your efforts towards graduation.

    Enroll in the Peer Support Program!