Student Wellbeing


Counseling Services’ mission is to provide high quality, holistic mental health services to the Columbia College Chicago student body. Through collaborative and confidential relationships, we work with students to develop the coping strategies necessary for success in their academic, professional, and personal lives.  We aim to assist students in developing resiliency, self-esteem, and confidence using evidence-based practices to guide our work.


Our vision is to promote human diversity, end the stigma of mental illness, and eliminate the barriers to quality and effective mental health services. We strive to create an affirming, inclusive environment that fosters self-discovery, and empowers students to find their own voice and utilize their strengths. We envision a therapeutic space that allows all students to feel seen and heard!  

Diversity Statement:   

Counseling Services is committed to providing services that acknowledge and promote the diversity of our students. We engage in culturally humble practices that honor the variety of the human experience. We respect each student’s individuality, creativity, and unique expression through the therapeutic process.

Our Staff:

Britt HodgdonBritt Hodgdon, LCSW
Director of Counseling Services

"I love surrounding myself with big thinkers and dreamers and  seriously love a good conversation with a stranger out in the streets of Chicago. I’m equally drawn to nature and solitude and being in the dirt, be it a garden or a good hike. I’m a writer, a community person, a mama and have a house full of beloved pets to make sure it never gets boring."

Anna LookerAnna Looker, LCPC
Staff Therapist

“I'm an outgoing person who loves to meet new people and connect with others! In my free time, I’m often reading a fantasy or sci-fi novel, playing volleyball, taking a long walk with a large coffee, checking out an antique shop, or relaxing with my Siamese cat, Beatrice.


Richard ChinRichard Chin, LCSW
Coordinator of Counseling Services

"I enjoy going for walks with my wife, playing with my kid and dogs, and fumbling through licks on the guitar. I try to find joy and humor in life and in frustration.”



Connie ValleConnie Valle
Administrative Assistant

“I love spending time with my Family and having Family Dinners. I enjoy long car rides (we turn them into karaoke time!); definitely enjoy music especially oldies music. I love Mediterranean food and pizza! I enjoy good jokes and laughs. My favorite shows are The Big Bang Theory and The History Channel. I like going to art galleries and admire different kinds of art.”