Student Wellbeing


Individual Therapy

The student and clinician collaborate to work through a wide variety of difficulties, ranging from depression and anxiety to relationship concerns and academic stressors. A supportive and non-judgmental environment is provided to assist students with the process of developing strategies for lasting positive change. Students are eligible for up to 12 individual therapy sessions per academic year. Students who want or need more sessions or specialized care will be assisted with referrals to community providers. For students who are interested in virtual appointments, Counseling Services continues to provide Telebehavioral Health services via Zoom for Healthcare.

Group Therapy

Groups are run during Fall and Spring semesters covering a variety of topics ranging from social success to processing grief and loss. Groups may consist of up to 15 students and last 8 sessions.

Community Linkage / Referral

Clinicians can assist students with connecting to community providers when the presenting need(s) cannot be effectively addressed through short-term therapy. For example, Counseling Services cannot prescribe medication, so if medication is an identified need, we will assist the student in identifying a provider who can do so.

One-Time Triage Appointments 

Counseling Services offers One-Time Triage appointment to Columbia students seeking mental health support toward the second half of the semester. The goal of these appointments is not to provide ongoing therapy services but to connect you with appropriate on and off campus resources. You can use this appointment in one of two ways – one, to receive assistance linking with community referrals, or two, to discuss current issues on a one-time basis and walk away with tangible coping skills and resources.

Walk-In Appointments

Walk-in appointments are for students to get support managing stress, developing coping skills, assistance with finding referrals to providers outside of Columbia, or assisting students with any questions they have about mental health or adjusting to college life. Students are able to walk in to our office to meet with a clinician and do not need an appointment. Students coming to walk-in appointments will be seen on a first come, first served basis; if there is a significant wait, students may be advised to return the following day. Crisis intervention services will take priority if there is a wait for drop-in services. If a student attends one of these appointments and would like to continue to receive services, they will be directed to our intake.

Crisis Intervention 

Clinicians are available to students for same-day crisis appointments during normal office hours. Students can call 312-369-8700 to arrange the appointment or come to our office on the 5th floor of 916 S. Wabash. A therapist will meet with the student to complete an assessment and assist in providing or connecting the student with appropriate interventions. Students in crisis after hours should call 988 or utilize the resources described here.


Counseling Services staff engage in outreach activities to provide students with information about resources available to them on campus as well as topics related to mental wellness. Student organizations and groups can request presentations from staff using this form.