TRIO Student Support Services





Kahrie (Kar) Mason

Kahrie Mason's mission as an advisor is to serve as a support system for students who have had similar experiences and challenges to the ones he faced in college. As a first-generation college student, Kar's biggest challenge was learning financial literacy and using campus resources. His passion is to provide resources that allow students to empower themselves to reach their full potential while in their studies.

Kar strives to create a safe and inclusive environment for students so that all students feel heard and seen. He is an advocator of communication, empathy, and listening. He feels possessing those three skills allows him to be present in his work and developing holistic relationships with students. Kar loves helping students find themselves in many ways and teaching students the importance of being open minded with their skills.


Strengths:  Input - Consistency - Futuristic - Connectedness - Achiever

TRIO Project Advisor, 312-369-8133,

Peter Midwa

Peter Midwa received his B.A in Cinema Art and Science from Columbia College Chicago where he is pursuing his M.A in Civic Media. In 2016 he launched a project focusing on empowering young adults to create and tell their own stories using digital media. His passion for young adults directed him to TRIO where he could be more proactive in steering students toward success. His top 5 strengths are achiever, intellection, futuristic, input and developer.


Strengths:  Achiever - Intellection - Futuristic - Input - Developer

TRIO Graduate Assistant, 

Charles Patrick

Charles Patrick is a senior Film and Television student at Columbia. His mission with TRIO students is to help them realize and utilize their unique potential. Charles enjoys collaborating with other students and authentically telling the stories of people from marginalized communities.  


Strengths:  Adaptability - Maximizer - Strategic - Achiever - Ideation

TRIO Peer Coach, 

Dana Scott


Dana Scott is a senior Creative Writing major at Columbia. Her mission is to help TRIO students overcome obstacles in order to reach their full academic potential. She enjoys engaging with students on what makes them passionate and harvesting that passion in order to help them thrive.


Strengths:  Achiever - Input - Learner - Discipline - Intellection

TRIO Peer Coach,

Madeline (Maddy) Smith

Madeline Smith graduated with a BA in Game Art from Columbia College Chicago. Maddy now works for Columbia's TRIO office, helping underserved students fully utilize their strengths and abilities to succeed in college and after graduation. Her goal is to provide the resources students need in order to meet their own goals, and work on forming habits for post-college life.


Strengths:  Empathy - Restorative - Individualization - Ideation - Harmony

TRIO Program Associate, (312) 369-8135,