Exchange Programs

Do you want to live and learn in another country with iconic sites right outside of your doorstep. Picture yourself eating croissants for breakfast, going to class, and visiting a castle in the afternoon. Or, maybe a hike along the Great Wall is just the thing to get your creative juices flowing. These programs will allow you to gain a unique perspective on your major and future career path from the lens of another culture. 

Columbia College Chicago has partnered with a select number of schools that allow you to continue in your major and also fulfill core education requirements. If you are anxious about studying abroad, it is nice to know that these programs were specifically chosen because they line up nicely with Columbia's curriculum. Students from our partner schools also come to study at Columbia!

Remember, though, you might need certain prerequisites or a portfolio for your application, so it is never too early to plan for an exchange program. Then, when you are further along in your coursework, you can spend a semester, or even an academic year, in countries such as England, Ireland, Chile, or South Korea.

But, is it affordable? The nice thing about exchanges is that you continue to pay tuition to Columbia. Easy as that.  You have to buy your plane tickets (it’s hard to drive to Australia), but the rest of your costs are comparable to your costs as a full-time Columbia student living on campus. And, since you are paying tuition to Columbia, scholarships and financial aid can easily be applied.

Utilize the Study Abroad Budget Planning Tool to determine the total cost associated with your program selection.

Check out our exchanges, but remember that there are a limited number of spots, so plan early!

Eligibility Requirements: 

For more information about any exchange programing please contact Global Education at