Exchange Programs

How to Apply

Step 1 – Research your options

Review Columbia’s Study Abroad website to find the programs and destinations you’re interested in pursuing.

Step 2 – Meet with Global Education

You’re encouraged to reach out to Global Education at with questions via email. You can also email us to schedule a meeting to learn about the various program options available, discuss the policies and procedures of exchange and approved provider programs, and talk about the destinations that most interest you.

Step 3 – Meet with your advisor

Part of your study abroad decision-making process is thinking about the types of classes you’d like to take while abroad. Regardless of when or where you choose to study abroad, it’s necessary to meet with your advisor as early as you can to make sure you have the credits to fit the experience into your graduation plan.

Step 4 – Apply

You’ll need to clear up all financial, registration, or academic holds to study abroad. Additionally, students must have a cumulative 2.50 GPA to apply and participate in their program of choice.

There are a limited number of spots at each exchange partner institution. All applicants will write a brief 500-word application essay to further help the selection committee determine which students will participate in each exchange program.



If You’re Accepted

Step 5 – Confirm acceptance

You must confirm your offer to study abroad to move into the next phase of the process.

Step 6 – Work with the exchange partner

Global Education will nominate accepted students to our exchange partner institutions. Our exchange partners will reach out to nominated students requesting various pieces of information, and you may be required to complete the exchange partner’s application.

Our exchange partner institutions will provide nominated students with information on housing, visas, course registration and important term dates relevant to the exchange term.

Step 7 – Registration

The Office of the Registrar will put a schedule placeholder for the term you plan to study abroad. The placeholder will estimate the number of credits you plan to take abroad and will be factored into your financial aid package, if applicable. The placeholder will eventually be replaced by your official courses.

Step 8 – Tuition & billing

Columbia Central will conduct an initial review of your financial aid eligibility for the term you plan to study abroad. Students on exchange will be billed normally, as all tuition and fees are paid to Columbia College Chicago. Please note: Several exchange partner institutions may charge exchange students various fees associated with studying at their institutions.


After Your Exchange Program

Step 9 – Transcripts, grades & credit

Upon conclusion of your program, students and Global Education will coordinate to make sure final and official transcripts from the exchange partner institution are received. Once received, courses will be updated, and grades will be entered into your academic record. It is the students responsibility to ensure all course substitutions (if applicable) are entered by the relevant academic department.