Approved Provider Programs

Columbia students have studied in over 70 countries. Where will you go?

If you have looked through the exchanges and still want another option for a semester abroad, you might want to look into one of our approved study abroad providers' programs.  Keep in mind that this will take additional work on your end but it will be well worth it to find the program that best meets your interests and needs..

If you’re interested in this option, contact the gloval Education office at   All students planning to apply for an approved study abroad provider program must apply through our online application system, found here:

Upcoming Deadlines: (Note: approved study abroad provider programs will also have their own applications that must be completed.  Those deadlines may be earlier.) 

Spring and J-term: October 31st

Summer and Fall: April 15th

You will also have to apply through the approved study abroad provider.  You can search through available programs at the approved study abroad provider websites listed below.

Eligibility Requirements: 

If you are interested in an international internship through one of these partners then you may still need to go through Columbia's Career Center.

Review the programs offered by our partner providers:

Print this worksheet to budget for study abroad and compare expenses for different programs: Costs to Consider when Comparing Studying Abroad Programs

Reference the US Department of State's Study Abroad Information regarding official documents and governmental travel recommendations: