Guide for Faculty and Staff

As a caring educational community, we at Columbia College Chicago believe that when we are aware of any student who is in crisis, it is our responsibility to provide the student with appropriate assistance. We would like you to be aware of various resources that are available to assist students who are in crisis.

Call 911

If you believe that there is an immediate threat to an individual or the college community call 911, then notify Campus Safety and Security.


If a student is not in immediate crisis and needs support for issues that do not require immediate attention, please complete an Alert in the Student Success Communications (SSC) platform (via Oasis).

  • Counseling Services

    When should you refer a student to Counseling Services?

    If you observe or have spoken to a student who is struggling with adjusting to campus life, relationship issues, conflict management, alcohol or drug problems, social skills issues, or may appear anxious or depressed.

    How do you make a referral?

    1. First share your concern with the student and if you believe a referral should be made call 312-369-8700 to initiate the referral process.
    2. Prepare and provide the following information to the Counseling Services staff: your name, department, extension, the student’s name and a brief description of the problem.
    3. Alert the counseling staff that you have discussed Counseling Services with the student. Make sure the student is aware of your referral.
    4. Give the student Counseling Services contact information.

      Cordelia Muhammad, MSW, LCSW

      916 S Wabash/Suite 501

      Services are provided by four full-time licensed therapists, two part-time licensed therapists, and four interns.

      Counseling Services hours are 8am to 6pm


  • Student Relations
    When do you contact the Student Relations office?
    • A student is being disruptive.
    • A student’s behavior is unreasonable, infringes upon or impedes the teaching or learning process; intentionally and unreasonably interferes with normal classroom procedures or presentations of the instructor or student(s); and/or interferes with other college authorized activity.
    How do you contact the Student Relations office?
    • 312-369-8595 or 312-369-8778, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Student Health and Support Intervention Team

    When do you refer a student to the Intervention Team?

    If you observe or speak to a student who is experiencing emotional distress and is in need of immediate attention, for example:

    • a student talking about not being around or giving possessions away
    • a student expressing self-destructive or homicidal ideation, either verbally or in writing
    • a student expressing feelings of hopelessness

    How do you contact the Student Health and Support Intervention Team?

    312-369-8778, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., or email:

    Beverly Anderson, Ed.D.
    Assistant Dean of Student Health and Support

    Thomas (Lee) Cravens, MSW, LSW, CADC
    Assistant Director of Student Relations

    Verron Fisher 
    Coordinator of Student Relations

  • College Advising Center

    When do you report a student?

    If you encounter a student who is experiencing academic, career and/or personal difficulties, which may manifest as

    • Poor attendance
    • Lack of classroom participation
    • Turning in assignments late

    How do you make a referral?

    College Advising Center

    We encourage students to meet with their academic advisors once per semester for holistic support and academic planning. If a student requires the assistance of an advisor, they can call 312-369-7645 or email

  • Services for Students with Disabilities

    When should you refer a student?

    If a student discloses that he or she has a disability.

    How do you make a referral?

    Be prepared to provide:

    • The student’s name.
    • Reason for believing the student has a disability.
    • Your name.
    • Course name.

    How do you contact Services for Students with Disabilities?

    312-369-8296, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or email:

    Jeanne Kelly
    Assistant Director of SSD

    Coung Chau
    Coordinator of SSD