Resources & Programs

Thanks to a donation of 100,000 condoms made by the Chicago Department of Public Health, Columbia College has many locations across campus that distribute free condoms. Check websites for hours of operation.

731 S Plymouth Ct., first floor, Counseling Services

731 S Plymouth Ct., basement, Student Health Center

731 S Plymouth Ct., first floor, Residence Life

623 S Wabash, Rm. 301, Student Relations

623 S Wabash, Rm 300, College Advising

623 S Wabash, Rm 304, Services for Students with Disabilities

618 S Michigan, 1st Floor, Conaway Achievement Project

Female Condoms 

FCs help prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. They are a great safer sex option that can be used by both women and men for vaginal and anal sex.  For more information on where to get female condoms, click here.

Note:  Female condoms may be available on campus.  Please contact the office of Student Health and Support for more information at 312.369.8595