Services for Students with Disabilities

Current SSD Students

You are currently an SSD student if you submitted the application, the required documentation, and attended the intake with one of our staff members. If you do not meet this requirement, click here to apply or contact SSD with questions.

Each semester, SSD students must initiate the request for their semester-specific accommodation letters to be sent to their instructors through our online database system, MySSD. Once a student requests their accommodation letters, the letters will be emailed to instructors, generally the next business day. Accommodations are effective upon receipt of the semester-specific accommodation letter by the instructor.  They are not retroactive. 

To request accommodations, follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Sign into MySSD.
  2. Request accommodations through the MySSD portal. 

 For more help, see our guide to requesting accommodations!

Please contact SSD if you have any questions.