How to Prepare for your Advising Appointment

  • Bring a list of your most important questions you’d like answered.
  • Go over your Advising Guide to familiarize yourself with requirements for your Major and the Columbia Core. Read over the Graduation requirements.
  • If you have questions about courses, make sure you have the course name, number, and section written down.
  • Look at the Course Schedule on MyColumbia and create a class schedule or have alternatives in mind when discussing registration for an upcoming semester.
  • Check on MyColumbia to see if you have Holds on your account. Make sure to reach out to the appropriate office regarding the hold you may have.
  • Make sure to arrive on time and prepared for your scheduled appointment to best utilize the time with your academic advisor.

Student Expectations

  • Assume responsibility for your decisions and actions.
  • Know the requirements for graduation, including requirements for the Columbia Core, Major, Minor, or College-wide electives.
  • Be aware of and make note of key academic deadlines each semester.
  • Follow up on referrals to faculty/staff/offices on campus and keep the appointments you have scheduled.
  • Be prepared for your appointments and bring with any necessary materials.
  • Check your Columbia email account on a regular basis so that you are aware of important information from the school, your instructors, and your advisor.

Advisor Expectations

  • Create a safe and positive environment that support you in exploring areas of study and creating an educational plan.
  • Actively listen to your questions and concerns and provide information and support as needed, while respecting your individual values.
  • Assist you in understanding institutional policies and procedures as well as your degree requirements for graduation.
  • Connect you with the appropriate offices, faculty, or staff on campus that can provide additional assistance as needed