Academic Advising

Timely registration is an important step toward meeting your academic goals at Columbia College
Chicago. While course registration can remain open for weeks (or even months!), you are encouraged to
register as early as possible.

When to Register

Fall 2020: Priority registration for current undergraduate students opens per the schedule below. To
improve your chances of getting the classes you want, register during the first week of registration.
• April 6 - Registration begins for Seniors (90+ credits earned)
• April 7 - Registration begins for Juniors (60+ credits earned)
• April 8 - Registration begins for Sophomores (30+ credits earned)
• April 9 - Registration fully open for all current undergraduate students

How to Register

Students register for courses in the MyAcademics tab located in MyColumbia.

• Log into MyColumbia.
• Choose the MyAcademics tab, then click the Register for Classes link.
• Each semester you will have to ensure your contact information is updated and agree to the
college’s important policies on payment of tuition, copyright infringement, and sexual
harassment. These will be the first two screens you’ll see each semester you register for classes.
• After you agree to the policies in the previous step, you’ll be directed to the Registration Entry


To Add Classes:

• Review Audit or Advising Guide (for Spring 2020 new students and older) in MyColumbia for
specific course numbers in major or minor. These course numbers can be typed directly into the
Course Number field. Course numbers must be formatted like this: ABCD 123. Use the ? boxes
next to the Course Number or Section Number fields as wild cards to find additional information
based on what’s already entered (to provide of a list of all sections and course description for
the course number entered in the Course Number field, for example).
• Search for courses in more general lists of options (Columbia Core or electives) by using the
Search Criteria screen:


Why Can’t I Register?

Q: When I click on the Register for Classes link, it says I have a hold. What do I do?

A: There are several student account holds that will prevent you from registering for the next term.
These include holds related to your immunization records not being up to date, being out of academic
compliance, and financial record issues. Specific hold information, including how to resolve a hold, can
be found in the My Holds section under the MyAcademics tab in MyColumbia.

Q: When I search for classes I’ll get a weird white and yellow error screen. What did I do wrong?

A: You didn’t do anything wrong. Sometimes MyColumbia gets overwhelmed, especially when there’s a
lot of traffic (registration peak times or the beginning of a new semester, for instance), and that screen
will appear. Just refresh once or twice, and it should work out. If not, just start the search over.

Q: I put information in the Course Number field, hit Enter, and got the following screen. I know the
course is being offered, so what gives?


A: The Registration Screen doesn’t like the Enter key, for some reason. If you have a course number in
that field, either enter the section number in that field or click the ? box next to the Section Number
field to complete the course information to add to your schedule. Ultimately, you’ll click the Add button
to add the course to your schedule. If you go this route, you shouldn’t see the message above.


What if I Have Still Have Questions About Registration?

The College Advising Center is here to help! Students are always encouraged to see their assigned advisors ahead of time to discuss course selection or graduation planning. Our Academic Advising will continue to be available for one-on-one advising and general advising questions remotely through email and Microsoft Teams. Please make an advising appointment through MyColumbia or email your advisor. 

Click here to watch a step-by-step video on how to set up an appointment through your MyColumbia: