Dean of Students

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We've categorized many student issues, common needs, and regular concerns in the following manner. Please click a topic box to get more information on related areas of help. Our goal is to get you connected to the most-appropriate resource and staff at Columbia for prompt assistance.

ACADEMICS & CLASSROOM Access information on working through various classroom situations, grades, time-management, academic materials, registration, etc.
FINANCIAL & EMPLOYMENT Students who may be facing an unforeseen financial emergency should start here. Campus employment and resources for books/supplies can also be found here.
LIVING SITUATION Students experiencing issues related to their living situation, including roommate issues, landlords, housing insecurity, family conflict, and more.
HEALTH and WELLBEING Campus resources related to student wellness, mental and physical health, as well as support related to issues impacting student health and wellbeing.
EMERGENCY & MAJOR LIFE EVENTS  Students who have experiences a major life event or emergency situation can access additional support services here.
GENERAL QUESTIONS Answers to common questions related to student success, navigating Columbia, and more! Contact the Dean of Students Office if you have difficulty locating information relative to your particular situation.
MAKE A REPORT File a report with the Dean of Students Office for an alleged policy violation. File a report with the Office of Equity Issues (Title IX) for an alleged violation to discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct.