Information Technology

Student Printing

This service is primarily for students but anyone, including faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and visitors, will be able to use it. Students will be able to print from their personal devices using the web print portal. Students will be able to use the following payments MyColumbia card (must deposit funds by visiting the Online Card Office), ApplePay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards).

When using a credit or debit card you may see a charge called an authorization hold, a well-known practice within the banking industry.  An authorization hold is a practice of verifying a credit or debit payment and placing a hold on that account until the funds are transferred.  A credit or debit card authorization, also known as a hold, lasts anywhere between a minute and 31 days. Holds last until the merchant charges your card for the purchase and clears them, or they naturally "fall off" your account.  Once the process has been verified you will only see the amount for the printing.  

Students can add money to their campus card by following the instructions on the Columbia Central site: The information is under Adding Columbia Cash to Your Campus Card.


Printer Kiosks and Locations

Below are the locations for the printer kiosks and costs.

Printer Kiosk Locations

Library, 624 S Michigan, 3 Printer Kiosks
1st Floor, 2 Kiosks, 1 B&W and 1 Color Printer Kiosks
2nd Floor, 1 B&W Printer Kiosk
Student Center 754 S. Wabash Ave., 1st Floor (by the TechBar)
Student Center 754 S. Wabash Ave., 3rd Floor, 1 B&W Printer Kiosk
33 East Ida B. Wells, 5th Floor, 1 B&W Printer Kiosk
623 S Wabash, 2nd Floor, Printmaking Facility, 1 Printer Kiosk
623 S Wabash, 4th Floor, 1 Color Printer Kiosk, Media Center
623 S Wabash, 6th Floor, Room 602A, 1 Color Printer Kiosk
623 S Wabash, 8th Floor, PropShop, 1 Color Printing Kiosk
623 S Wabash, 9th Floor, Computer Lounge, 3 Color Printer Kiosks