Student Technology Toolbox

There are two types of loaner laptops.

Application Process

This process can begin by entering a ticket and requesting help purchasing items in the Technology Toolbox. TIckets requesting long term laptops will be reviewed during the first two weeks of the semester. Until all of the loan requests are review students should plan on using on campus computer resources.

Laptop Loan Semester

New students only 

Laptop Loan Temporary



Laptop Loan  FAQ

How can I get financial assistance if I can't afford required items in the the technology program?

Some students may need to use their financial aid package to purchase their educational technology. To discuss your financial plan, please contact Columbia Central at or at 312-369-7140.

How can I get discounts on laptops?

Apple offers a higher ed discount to all students. Please visit the  Apple Higher Ed Store

Lenovo offers student discounts on their site which you can apply to any model.

We also have an additional Lenovo CCP store which offers the best discounts and availability for specific models.Lenovo Partner Discount Site 

When will loaner laptops be available?

Loaner laptops must first be approved by submitting a request for a or long term loaner. Requests will be reviewed during the second week of the semester after add drop. 

I already own a desktop that meets the requirements do I still need to purchase a laptop?

Some courses require in class work on laptops other do not. Often courses may require online activities which may require a laptop. In some places it may be ok to bring a laptop that doesn't meet requirements to take notes on or participate in online activities. In other courses in class work on a laptop that meets requirements is required. 

Will I need to have a laptop for the first day of class?

 Some courses do computer work early in the course. Faculty should understand that some students requiring aid or a loaner may not have access to a laptop right away. we understand the aid packaged aren't released right away and faculty should understand the loaners will not be dispersed until after the add/drop period end.

Where can I find computer resources on campus?

 There is a list of additional computer resources available on campus in Team Dynamix linked below

Student Access Computer Classrooms and Labs
Students also have access to Virtual Desktop resources please the the KB Article Below for a list of virtual desktop pools and software
VDI Available Applications and Software by Pool