Housing and Residential Experience

Fall 2023 End of Semester
Please refer to the Fall 2023 End of Semester guide for more information on preparing for the end of the fall semester. 
MOVE-OUT Fall 2023
Are you graduating, studying abroad, is a Fall-Only foreign exchange student, or withdrawing from Columbia? If so, it is now time for you to contact our office by emailing us at housing@colum.edu. These are all considered approved cancellation reasons. When emailing housing@colum.edu, you must include your first and last name, Columbia ID number, reason for your move out, and provide supporting documentation (study aboard acceptance letter, graduation information, withdrawal status). Students with an approved cancellation reason will not be charged cancellation penalties and will have their Spring 2024 housing assignment cancelled.  

Students not returning for Spring 2024 must be moved out by 12pm on December 16, 2023. Failure to properly vacate by this time will result in a $150 improper checkout.   

Spring 2024 Housing Cancellation Requests 

If you do not fall into one of the approved cancellation categories, and you are seeking to not live on campus for Spring 2024, please review the following: 

We advise students to not sign the housing contract agreement if they are unsure about on campus housing or using on campus housing as a backup. Students that sign the housing contract agreement are responsible for the housing contract terms, conditions and costs for the entire academic year (Fall and Spring semesters.) 

All signed housing contracts are binding. 

Students may email housing@colum.edu to request cancellation. Students may be granted a one-time exception to be released from their housing contract agreement. If students are granted an exception to be released from their contract, they will be charged the following: 

  1. Students will be charged a $500 cancellation fee 
  2. Students will be charged an early termination fee, which is equivalent to the nightly rate of their room for 60 days (i.e., two months' rent) 
  3. Students will not receive their housing pre-payment back 
  4. Students will be charged for the number of nights they have resided on campus 
  5. 150 Meal Plans are no longer eligible for cancellation or pro-ration, even if a student cancels their housing.  
  6. If a student was residing in a suite at the UC and had a 15 meals/week plan, students will be charged for the equivalent number of meals and flex dollars for the number of nights they resided on campus. 

Arc, Flats, Dwight, & 30E Residents Moving Out 

Moving Out Friday, December 8th- Saturday, December 16th: 

The deadline to schedule a move-out time for residents who have an approved move-out by our office, and live in Arc, Flats, Dwight, or 30E, is December 4th at 5pm. Residents must sign up for a check-out appointment via the Housing Portal. Check-Out Appointments will occur between December 8th and December 16th 

Approved residents who fail to properly schedule a move-out date and time will incur a $150 improper checkout fee that will be added to the student's account. Please be advised that building management enters every space after students have vacated and will bill for any damage and/or lack of cleanliness. 

Moving Out Thursday, November 16th- Thursday, December 7th: 

If you need to move out prior to December 8, 2023, you must inform our office via email (housing@colum.edu). Please include your full name, ID number, reason for your move out, and the date and time you anticipate moving out. You will be instructed to call your Building's Duty Phone after 7pm to complete a room inspection and to return your keys.  

      RA Duty Phone Numbers per building:  

University Center Residents Moving Out 

If you are checking out and currently live at the University Center, you will drop your keys off in the Express Checkout box on the 2nd floor located at the Resident Service Desk. It is located next to the fitness center. This is a self-service station that can be completed at any time, 24/7. Please complete the Express Checkout Form and turn in your UC ID and Key(s) at this time.   

Check Out Steps for Any Resident Moving Out 

  1. Before you check out, here is a list of things that need to be done in order to avoid unnecessary fees.   
    • Sign-up for a check-out time via the Housing Portal (if applicable, as noted above). Failure to sign up for a checkout time will result in a $150 improper checkout fee  
    • Make sure to update your address to receive mail. Mail is not forwarded to students over the summer nor kept on campus.  
    • Pack up all of your belongings. Do not leave any personal items or furniture that was not initially provided. 
    • Empty all drawers, wardrobes, and closets. 
    • Remove all adhesives from walls, ceilings, & doors 
    • Wipe down & sanitize all surfaces. 
    • Vacuum and mop every floor. 
    • Clean the microwave, refrigerator, and stove. 
    • Clean all faucets, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. 
    • Throw away all trash bags and empty boxes in the designated area for your building. 
    • Close & lock every window. 
    • Empty your mailbox. 
    • Make sure you have every key, key card, and/or key fob given to you when you moved in. 
  2. When your check-out date and time arrives, your RA will meet you at your room to do a full inspection of your room and the common areas of the apartment for damages and cleanliness. Your room must be empty of your belongings at the time of your scheduled checkout. 
  3. Please make sure that there is nothing in your space that violates any of the student conduct policies. If a violation is found, it will be documented in our conduct system. 
  4. Once your RA has done a full inspection, they will collect your keys. Please have every key, key card, and/or key fob that was given to you when you moved in. 
  5. Once your RA has inspected your space and has all of your keys, your checkout is complete. You will no longer have access to the building. 

Failure to accurately complete the check-out process will result in a $150 improper check-out fee. Please be advised that building management also enters every space after everyone has vacated and will bill for any additional damages and/or lack of cleanliness that may not have been noted by the RA. 

**If you move out and vacate your space without an approved cancellation reason (indicated above), you will be subject to improper checkout fees, as well as cancellation fees and penalties associated with terminating your housing contract, including but not limited to: $150 improper checkout fee, $500 cancellation fee, cost of your room for the entire Fall semester, and an additional fee of 60-days at the nightly room rate.**