Student Organizations and Leadership

The mission of the Student Organization Council (SOC) is to provide student organizations and their members the support and resources needed to accomplish their goals. SOC is dedicated to building a stronger campus community by providing club members with opportunities to grow personally, professionally and artistically. 

The SOC is comprised of one member of each of the recognized student organizations. The SOC's executive board consists of a President, Community Director, and Finance Director.

SOC meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 5 pm online via Zoom. Meetings are open to all Columbia College Chicago students, faculty, and staff.

Email to schedule your SOC Training!  


2020-2021 SOC Meetings are online via Zoom from 5 pm - 6 pm

(please email if you require video accommodations) 

SOC 2020-2021 Executive Board

Visit us: 754 S. Wabash Avenue, Student Center, 2nd Floor (Open office area) |

Call us: 312-369-6656 (Closed until first day of Fall 2020)

Isaiah Moore
M: 9am-12pm
W: 11am-5pm
F: 11am-12pm
Finance Director
Essence Mack
W: 12:30-5:45pm
F: 12:15-5pm
Community Director
Sol Salinas
M: 9am-12pm
W: 12pm-5pm
F: 9am-11am


How do I create a Student Organization?

Follow these easy steps to create a new student organization!

Please reach out to our SOC President at: to express your interest and get started!

Requirements for a Student Organization

DPC/SOP Request