Reporting Options and Resources

911  312-369-1111

For emergency assistance:

  1. Get to a place of safety, if you can.
  2. Dial 911 for city emergency services, or 312-369-1111 for Campus Safety and Security.

For additional information, please see Emergency Assistance.

The College encourages, but does not require, survivors of Sexual Misconduct to report the offending behavior to College officials who can provide the desired level of support and assistance.

Initiating a College investigation

If you would like to initiate a College investigation, report to a Responsible Employee:

Title IX Coordinator
Ms. Rabia Khan Harvey,, 312-369-6343

Title IX Deputy Coordinator & Investigator
Janely Rivera,, 312-369-6344

Any employee in the College's Office of Safety and Security. For emergencies, please call the 24-hour emergency command center at 312-369-1111. For nonemergencies, call the command center at 312-369-3220.

Any full- or part-time faculty member.

Any staff member with Director, Coordinator, Provost, Associate Provost, Vice President or Associate Vice President in their title.

Not ready to initiate a College investigation?

If you are not ready to initiate a College investigation, but would still like information and support, report to a Nonprofessional Counselor and Advocate:

Associate Dean for Student Life
Kari Sommers, klsommers@colum.edu312-369-7223

Coordinator of Student Leadership
David Keys, dkeys@colum.edu312-369-7188

Confidential support and assistance

If you desire strictly confidential support and assistance to the extent permitted by law, report to a Confidential Resource:

Upon request, the Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Deputy Coordinator and Assistant Title IX Deputy Coordinators are available to assist a survivor with arranging meetings with these resources.

Reporting to law enforcement

The College encourages, but does not require, survivors of Sexual Misconduct to notify local law enforcement. Certain behavior may violate both college policy and criminal law. The College may proceed with an internal investigation under this policy simultaneously with a criminal investigation.

Chicago Police Department's 1st District central station
1718 S. State St.
Chicago, IL 60616

The College's Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Deputy Coordinator, Assistant Title IX Deputy Coordinators, Nonprofessional Counselors and Advocates, and Confidential Resources, including Confidential Advisors, are available to assist a survivor with reporting to the Chicago Police.

Off-Campus Resources

The College understands that some individuals may feel more comfortable speaking with an off-campus resource in lieu of or in addition to a College employee. These Chicagoland organizations may offer support, assistance and information to survivors, witnesses and others affected by Sexual Misconduct.

YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago Loop Women's Services
1 N. LaSalle St., Suite 1150
Chicago, IL 60602

Rape Victim Advocates (RVA)
180 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60601
Hotline: 888-293-2080

Center on Halsted
3656 N. Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60613

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline (Chicago RAINN affiliate)
Chicago Metropolitan Area, 888-293-2080
DuPage County, 630-971-3927
South Suburbs, 708-748-5672