Faculty-led Programs

Many academic departments at Columbia have created study abroad programs that offer courses within their concentrations. These programs usually run in the J-session, over spring break, and in the summer and are open to all Columbia students. To find out more about these programs, reference the information below and contact the faculty leaders directly.

Upcoming Deadlines:

J-term: October 31*
 October 31*
Summer: March 31*

*Individual programs may have earlier deadlines. Consult with faculty leader(s) for additional information.

General Eligibility Requirements:

Note: Prices below are additional Special Course Fees and do not include tuition. For information on tuition rates at Columbia, please refer to Columbia Central

Utilize the Faculty-Led Budget Planning Tool to determine the total cost associated with your program selection.

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J-Term 2025 and Spring 2025 - OPENING SOON

Note that for financial aid reasons, J-term is considered to be part of the Spring semester.  For information on tuition rates at Columbia, please refer to Columbia Central.

*Please note that while descriptions and prices are as accurate as possible, everything is subject to change.

Summer 2025

Please note that the Special Course Fees do NOT include tuition and fees. Estimated tuition is listed, but refer to Columbia Central for the most up to date information and amounts.

Are you a faculty member interested in proposing a new international program? Contact David Comp, Assistant Provost for Global Education at dcomp@colum.edu, to get started!