Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

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Section I. Statement of Policy

Columbia is committed to maintaining an environment that respects the dignity of all individuals. Accordingly, Columbia will not tolerate harassment or discrimination based on religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability or ethnicity by or of its students, faculty, or staff. This conduct may also be illegal under state, local, and federal law. To the extent practicable, Columbia will attempt to protect the Columbia community from harassment and/or discrimination by vendors, consultants, and other third parties who interact with the Columbia community. Columbia is promulgating this policy to reaffirm its opposition to harassment and discrimination and to emphasize that learning opportunities and employment opportunities must not be interfered with by such behavior.

No member of the Columbia community shall engage in discrimination or harassment in any program, activity, or place over which Columbia exercises control. It is expected that every member of our community will take responsibility for refraining from any form of discrimination or harassment, reporting any incident that is made known, cooperating in preventing such behavior, and assisting with corrective measures when, despite Columbia's serious commitment, these acts occur.

Recipients of discrimination or harassment often fear reprisals for reporting such conduct. To address this concern, Columbia will investigate any allegation of retaliation for reporting or assisting in the investigation of a complaint of any form of discrimination or harassment.
Columbia will discipline those found to have engaged in retaliation. The purpose of this policy is to:

➢ prevent harassment, discrimination
➢ prohibit harassment, discrimination
➢ encourage good faith complaints if such conduct has occurred
➢ provide multiple options for addressing and resolving complaints of harassment, discrimination

Columbia will attempt to take prompt corrective action against any harassment or discrimination by or of its students, faculty, or staff. This policy is designed to encourage persons who believe that they have been harmed by discrimination or harassment to bring the conduct to the attention of appropriate individuals within Columbia so that the College can take prompt corrective action. All managers/supervisors are directed to implement the procedures outlined in this policy.

All complaints will be taken seriously, and no one reporting harassment or discrimination will suffer retaliation or reprisal. Complaints or harassment and/or discrimination will be treated in confidence to the extent feasible, given the need to conduct a thorough investigation and to take corrective action. If it is determined through an appropriate and prompt investigation that harassment or discrimination has occurred, effective corrective action will be taken to stop the conduct and to attempt to ensure that it does not reoccur. Depending on the circumstances and the severity of the conduct, corrective action could range from an oral/written warning to dismissal or expulsion. The College reserves the right to modify or amend the Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy at any time.