Dropping | Adding | Withdrawing from classes

Students have a limited time to add and drop classes. Registration deadlines vary depending on the duration and start date of the specific course. Students may make changes to their class schedules (i.e., add or drop classes) at any time prior to the end of the official revision period. Students should be aware of the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a class and the impact it may have on their balance and financial aid.  

If a student drops a course before the posted deadline, the course will not appear on the student’s academic record and charges associated with that course will not appear on the account. Course withdrawals will appear on the record as W (withdrawal), students will be financially responsible for the course, and it will impact a student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress.  

Students are required to attend their classes during the program revision period, and failure to attend a class will result in a “No Show” (NS) grade which is equivalent to a course withdrawal. Students are strongly advised to consult with an academic advisor in the College Advising Center before deciding to withdraw from a class.  

For specific registration deadlines, please visit Columbia Central

Late Withdrawals

Columbia College Chicago recognizes there may be significant extenuating and mitigating circumstances affecting students (death of a relative, significant change in personal circumstances, etc.). A student may petition for an administrative withdrawal from classes after the end of the official withdrawal period by submitting a petition supported by appropriate documentation. Questions regarding this process should be addressed to an academic advisor in the College Advising Center. Petitions for administrative withdrawals are evaluated and approved or denied by the Petition for Exception Committee. Students may appeal a denied petition and this request will be reviewed by the Assistant Vice President of SFS, Associate Provost for Academic Services, the Registrar, and Dean of Students. Their joint decision will be final.  For further details about administrative withdrawal visit the College Catalog.