Technology Recommendations

The recommended laptop specifications and additional technology supplies are available on the Information Technology website.

Starting in Fall 2022, these technology recommendations will become requirements for new students as we start the Portable Studio Program.

The Columbia Portable Studio identifies:

  • A laptop or tablet that has faculty-recommended technical specifications designed to optimize career readiness
  • The software you need to succeed in your classes and profession
  • Additional technologies and devices that will be required by courses in each academic program

As a college that prepares future creative professionals, Columbia believes it is essential our students be equipped with the technology that meets the standards for their field. With this in mind, the college has obtained licenses for many software programs students can access, free of charge. Further, faculty in each of our disciplines have recommended specific hardware and software for students to purchase independently.

Some students may qualify to have their educational technology purchases covered by their financial aid packages, or to receive and use equipment on loan from the college. For more information on these programs and learn about covering technology purchases through financial aid, please contact Columbia Central at or at (312)369-7140.