Student Programs and Activities (SPA)

Student Programs and Activities (SPA) consists of New Student Programs, Student Activities, Student Organizations and Leadership and the Makerspace. It is central to the Columbia student experience, bringing students together as they enter the community at Orientation New Student Programs (NSP) through Manifest and Commencement. From matriculation to graduation, SPA units engage students through community building, leadership development, educational and social programming and hosting the rituals and traditions that mark time for our students and make Columbia a unique and vibrant learning environment.

New Student Programs (NSP)
754 S. Wabash Ave. | 3rd Floor Student Life
New Student Programs (NSP) supports and helps facilitate the transition of all new students into the Columbia community. NSP works with new students and their families by providing programs supporting new students’ transition to Columbia. NSP hosts Campus Orientation programs and the Engage Columbia program designed to help new students integrate into Columbia’s community.

Student Activities
754 S. Wabash Ave. | 2nd Floor Student Life
Student Activities fosters community and collaboration through engaging and thoughtful college-wide events and programming that reflects and defines our campus culture. As part of our process, we provide learning and mentorship opportunities that harness the individual creative talents of our staff, student team and the greater Columbia Community. Traditions like New Student Convocation, Wicked Week and Columbia’s annual Manifest Urban Arts Festival. Student Activities also works with Columbia’s Student Programming Board (SPB), a team of students committed to planning, promoting, and producing campus-wide programs that create and foster the unique artistic community on Columbia’s campus. SPB enhances and unifies our community by working with other student organizations, faculty, staff, and alumni in coordinating special events and activities.

Student Organizations and Leadership (SO&L)
754 S. Wabash – 2nd Floor -  Student Life

Student Organizations and Leadership (SO&L) promotes student involvement and leadership development as a vital part of an arts and communications education. Through efforts to empower students as aware and purposeful citizens, we create quality-learning experiences outside of the classroom that build engagement and connection to the life and culture of Columbia College Chicago and the city.

SO&L organizations include:
The Student Government Association (SGA) of Columbia College Chicago represents the student voice and endeavors to construct a perfect union through leadership and strong representation. It serves as a liaison between students and faculty, staff and administration in order to ensure the welfare of our unique and diverse art and communication community. SGA meets every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in the Loft.

The Student Organization Council (SOC) is the umbrella organization for all student organizations at Columbia. The SOC is committed to building a stronger campus community and provides students with opportunities to grow personally, professionally, and artistically. The SOC offers various workshops, provides funding for student organizations, encourages communication and collaboration among student organizations, and develops partnerships with various campus departments. SOC meets the first Wednesday of each month at 5 p.m. in the Loft during the fall and spring semesters. SOC represents the more than 80 Columbia student organizations that encompass professional, cultural, and social and special interest groups.

The Student Athletic Association (SAA) provides opportunities for Columbia students to develop their physical, social, organizational, emotional, and competitive skills. The club sports teams, known as the Renegades play a variety of sports in intercollegiate, social and club leagues. All teams are established and managed by students.

SO&L resource offerings include:
The Makerspace - supports student creativity outside of a classroom setting. With a variety of tools, materials, and workshops, we offer a large, comfortable, and dynamic space for students to build their body of work.
The Loft - a student lounge space that provides students with meeting spaces, a microwave, lockers, television, laptops, and serves as a hub for student leadership.
Student Fitness and Recreation – offers fitness classes, self-defense, yoga, Pilates, home to the Fitness Ambassadors, Renegades and more.

  • The Leadership Institute offers students an opportunity to creatively practice leadership skills in the areas of arts, communications and culture in order to leverage the full value of contemporary urban education. This program is designed to foster imagination by way of leadership development and enhance the students' ability to pave a path to personal and professional success.