Move-In Information


This packet contains information on:
  • room furnishings
  • items to bring (and what not to bring)
  • health insurance and immunizations
  • locations and directions
  • your first week on campus
  • and more...


Returning Students: For scheduling purposes, move-ins (whether you've lived on campus or not) Saturday, August 31st & Sunday, September 1st. Select your residence hall below for additional information:

New Students: Each resident is assigned a date & time to move into their space. Select your residence hall below for additional information:
This is also indicated on your "Move-In, Room & Roommates" section of the housing portal.


All Columbia College Chicago Residence Halls are drug, alcohol and smoke free. The use, possession and/or sale of alcohol and/or illegal drugs is not permitted in Residence Life.

Residents and their guests are expected to follow the policies and procedures and accepted community standards described in this handbook.

You are joining a community in which respect for others is expected. We hope that you will be an active participant in a cooperative effort by residents and staff to accomplish this goal.


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Move-in can be a stressful time. Below are common questions that parents and students have regarding move-in day. Please utilize our move-in packet and answers to the FAQs to help your move-in day be a stress free one. We look forward to welcoming you into our community!

  • How does move-in work in downtown Chicago?
    To accommodate all of our students as smoothly as possible, we conduct our move-ins at very specific times and limit the number of students moving into our halls at one time. You must adhere to your assigned move-in time!
  • How can I tell my move-in date & time?

    You can verify this time within the housing portal ( under the “Move-In, Room & Roommates” tab.

    Example: If you live in unit #1503, the floor you will be living on is the 15th floor. When you arrive at your assigned building, you will check in with Residence Life staff on your assigned floor.

  • We're arriving by car...How/Where do we unload?

    Most families find it works best if they begin to unload their cars while their student is checking into their assigned building.The college provides a limited number of speed packs (wheeled carts) for students to use during move-in. You will need to leave a State ID with our staff while you borrow the speed pack.  You may have a short wait to acquire one, or you may choose to bring your own from home.

    It is recommended that you do not leave your car unattended while unloading. Please be aware of 'no parking signs', the 'need to pay parking meters', and 'tow zones'. It would be highly recommended that you park your car in a garage or pay parking lot, and unload from your car. This can prevent a possible tow and or accident from unloading your car on a busy street.

  • We've unloaded the car. Now what do we do with the car?
    It’s most important that someone in your party move your car to a legal parking space so the move-in process can continue for all students. The college does not have parking facilities of its own. There are are numerous public parking lots in the immediate area. Parking in a public lot can cost between $15 and $25, but is far cheaper than a ticket or tow from the City of Chicago. Street parking is not advised.
  • How long does move-in take?
    That depends. Moving into a highrise residence center means you may have to wait for an elevator, you may have to wait while someone moves the car, and you may have to wait for a wheeled cart. We recommend that you set aside at least a half-day to move all of your belongings, set up your space the way you wish, and to leave enough time to make a quick run to the store should you forget something. Some families plan to do a quick trip to the grocery store to stock up the fridge for the first time; others let the student roommates collaborate on food. As long as your car is not blocking the entrance, your parents/guardians/and other helpers may stay as long as they need to help you get settled. We do ask, however, that they do eventually leave!
  • Anything else on move-in day?

    You will meet your Resident Assistant (RA) who will help you, and your roommate(s) through the year with your transition to college, to the city, and to our campus. You are also encouraged to participate in all Welcome Week activities in order to get acclimated to the city, campus, your roommates, and floormates.

  • What are the most important things to bring to move-in?

    Patience. Humor. After all, at the end of the day, you and your family members will be saying good-bye, and we want your memories of college move-in to be positive ones.

  • My housing contract requires me to have health insurance. What else do I need?
    Students living on campus are required, by contract, to have health insurance. Your health insurance information was due at the time you submitted your housing contract. This information can be updated at It’s a good idea to have a copy of your health insurance card, in the event you need to use it during your stay here.
  • What's in the Residence Life Handbook?
    Please review the Residence Life Handbook. It will answer many questions about the facility you will be living in as well as the policies that apply. Students are expected to be familiar with the Handbook and its policies that govern living on campus.The Handbook can be found at
  • Who's my roommate?

    You can verify your roommate(s) within the housing portal ( under the “Move-In, Room & Roommates” tab. We encourage you to contact your ROOMMATES to discuss your living arrangements and preferences. Roommates assigned to apartment-style units should decide together how they will provide the necessities to outfit the kitchen and bath. There may be other items you can share and it is best to know in advance who will bring what so you don’t duplicate unless you choose to!

    Space in the common areas are limited! We encourage you to contact your roommates as early as possible about the items only one of you may need to bring (iron, cookware, flatware, Blu-ray player, etc). Our Move-in packet will help guide you through this discussion. We also recommend that you think about your living style and preferences on such things as quiet hours, overnight guests, cleaning arrangements, privacy, study times, etc., so you can discuss these with your roommates once you arrive.

  • What's a Roommate/Apartment Agreement?
    These are 2 separate forms that you and your Roommate(s)/Apartment mate(s) will fill out together. This will allow an open dialogue about your expectations of one another. You are expected to revisit it throughout the academic year. Your RA will assist each apt/semi-suite with the initial agreement & be there to mediate should a conflict arise. The forms will be available to you through the housing portal once you move-in.
  • Where do I need to bring records of my immunizations?
    In short, all immunization records are housed in the Office of the Registrar located at 600 S. Michigan Avenue. Please visit the CCC immunization website,, for more information.
  • Can I ship my belongings before I arrive?
    If you are planning to ship some or all of your belongings prior to your arrival, please refer to the Residence Life Handbook for details on how to address mail and packages. In general, please be aware that, there is limited storage space in our facilities and we can accept shipments only 4 days prior to your scheduled arrival date. Your properly shipped packages will be available for retrieval at your assigned residence hall on the date of your scheduled move-in. Columbia College Chicago is not responsible for any loss or damage during shipping or storage. Please keep your shipping records in a safe place and remember to bring them with you to move-in.
  • What's the size of the mattress in my Residence Hall?

    Beds in The UC, Plymouth Ct., and The Dwight require extra-long twin linens (80”x36”). Some students living in The Dwight have full sized beds (this is indicated on your housing contract as “Single Rm Full”).

    Most students residing in The Arc in single bedrooms will have full sized beds. However if you are in a shared bedroom you will have a twin mattresses (38”x75”). 

    You can purchase linens and other college essentials at discounted prices here.

  • What about Technology?
    Although Columbia College Chicago provides technology across its campus to support student learning, the specific technology available in each residence hall varies. On your move-in schedule, you will find a description of the specific technology available in your building.
  • Is there storage on campus?

    There isn't any storage on campus. This means that everything you bring with you on move-in day (including the boxes, suitcases, packing crates, etc.) will have to be stored in your room. We recommend that your family members take additional items such as packing crates and boxes back home for you.

  • What can I use to decorate my space?

    Please refer to the Residence Life Handbook regarding what is permissible in terms of personalizing your space on campus. In general, nothing that permanently alters the space is permitted. Posters and artwork must be hung with tape (i.e., no nails or picture hooks into the walls). There are other restrictions on what you may hang, display, or ‘attach’ to the walls and furniture. Please read these restrictions carefully and plan to leave at home anything that is not permitted. 3M double stick tape products should be used at your own discretion; they are known to leave behind a residue and damage the walls. Students will be held financially accountable to any damage contained in their space.

  • What should I expect for my first week on campus?
    Your first week on campus will be a busy one. Residence Life & Student Affairs will host a series of programs for you during the first week leading up to the start of classes. These programs help you become acclimated to the city and to your new surroundings, and will give you lots of opportunities to meet other students! In addition, there are specific Orientation activities with faculty in your major department and the New Student Convocation (a required event!), during the first week. Your Resident Assistant will have details for you after you arrive.
  • How much should I pack?
    Generally, new students tend to bring more than they really need. Remember, you are moving into an apartment and room that you will share with other roommates who are bringing their belongings as well. You can always choose to bring or buy additional items later.
  • What kind of clothes should I pack?
    Assume you will need clothes for every occasion and every season, especially Chicago's famous winter weather. However, remember that you can always arrange to have additional items shipped to you later or you can plan to bring them back with you when you visit home.