Top Five

Places to grab a late night meal

  1. Toppers 
  2. Devil's Dawgs 
  3. Subway 
  4. Dunkin Donuts 
  5. Pat's Pizza 

Talent Watch

Talent Watch: Jess, Alex, and Abby

Many students dream of getting a high-profile internship. Alum Jess Mattison and seniors Alex Cox and Abby Young have achieved just that! They interned at CNN for the documentary series Chicagoland. We asked them about their work with CNN, how Columbia prepared them for their roles, and about what they hope to do in the future. Read More >

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What's Your Biggest Stress Factor?

Columbians are working hard on top of their school work.

  • Midterms and exams
  • Trying to boost my GPA
  • Getting ready for graduation
  • Work and more work
  • Internship

Student Life

Making Manifest Happen in the Classrooms

Are you a super social someone who loves meeting new people? Have you ever wanted to be a production assistant? Do you want to help make the biggest urban arts festival in the world happen? Sign up to be a volunteer for Manifest! With several different volunteer opportunities available, there's something for everyone.Read More >


Papermaker's Garden Nominated for Best of Downtown Award

As you walk to class on Wabash Avenue, it’s hard to ignore all of the art and culture that surrounds you on the street and you're not the only one who has taken note. Civic Artworks has recognized the Papermaker’s Garden and the Wabash Arts Corridor in their annual awards.Read More >

Student Life

Join: Tic Toc

Tic Toc, a group of street entertainers, will again be a part of the Manifest excitement this year but they’re switching it up by presenting performance art centered on food. (Yes, that means there will be free food involved.) We interviewed Ania Greiner, the brain behind the Tic Toc excitement. Read More >