Top Five

Places to grab a late night meal

  1. Toppers 
  2. Devil's Dawgs 
  3. Subway 
  4. Dunkin Donuts 
  5. Pat's Pizza 

Student Life

The Loft Sessions: Flashburn Beatbox

This week's Loft Sessions takes a look at Austin Chin, better known as Flashburn Beatbox, who has captured a large following through YouTube, competitions, and live beatboxing performances. At any given moment, something can come along and change your life forever. That moment was April 4th, 2011 for Flashburn.Read More >

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What's Your Biggest Stress Factor?

Columbians are working hard on top of their school work.

  • Midterms and exams
  • Trying to boost my GPA
  • Getting ready for graduation
  • Work and more work
  • Internship

Student Life

The Taste of the Great Convergence

New at Manifest this year, Columbia will be hosting nine local food trucks and several performers in the Taste of Convergence. With the help of some talented students and alumni, we hope to create a festival-like atmosphere that continues to capture the excitement of Manifest. On the day of Manifest, Wabash will be closed from 9th St. to 11th St and the street will be lined with mouth-watering cuisine. Read More >

Talent Watch

Talent Watch: Jess, Alex, and Abby

Many students dream of getting a high-profile internship. Alum Jess Mattison and seniors Alex Cox and Abby Young have achieved just that! They interned at CNN for the documentary series Chicagoland. We asked them about their work with CNN, how Columbia prepared them for their roles, and about what they hope to do in the future. Read More >

Student Life

Student Organizations Find a New Life for Old Art Supplies

Do you have any leftover art supplies lying around that you’ll probably never use? If so, those supplies can have a purpose after all, so your money won’t go to waste! Columbia College Hillel, Intervarsity and CRU are sponsoring an Art Supplies Drive to support Arts of Life, an organization helping people with and without disabilities express themselves creatively.Read More >