Services for Students with Disabilities


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Grievance Procedure for Students with Disabilities

If a Columbia student believes that they have been discriminated against because of a disability by any Columbia personnel, the student has the right to seek a review of such concerns. A student with a disability has the option of pursuing either an informal complaint or a formal grievance. If a student opts to pursue an informal complaint, the student may later pursue a formal grievance if not satisfied with the resolution of the informal process. A student who is uncertain about filing a formal grievance may consult informally with the SSD Office, or Columbia's current 504 Coordinator: 

Doug Eck, Dean of Students
623 S. Wabash Avenue | Room 303 
(312) 369-8595


Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

No discrmination or harassment of any kind, for any reason, is acceptable at Columbia. For more information on Columbia's broader policies against discrimination and harassment, visit