Student Affairs

Welcome to our community of creative scholars and thank you for choosing to pursue your education at Columbia College Chicago. My staff and I have designed a variety of co-curricular programs and services for you that will enhance your Columbia experience.

I am sure that you will find our programmatic efforts and services to be inviting and engaging. It is important that you take advantage of these efforts which will greatly increase your academic success. Below I have outlined the various Student Affairs offices and the ways in which you may be involved:

The Student Life staff has designed a variety of programs to engage you in the life of the college and to make the campus your home away from home. There are a host of student organizations that you may become involved with, as well as become a member of the Student Government Association in order to add your voice to the life of the campus community. Our Student Diversity and Inclusion staff is also ready to hear your voice to ensure that you are a part of developing and enhancing our community of diverse learners.

Our Dean of Students Office has developed an array of programs that will support you academically, emotionally, and mentally. Whether you would like to speak with someone about your personal development or on a variety of other matters there is a staff person or program available to assist you.

As you matriculate at the college, the Career Center staff is available to assist you with opportunities to put theories that you have learned in the classroom into practice. They are available to help prepare you for an internship and assist in packaging your portfolio for presentation to the external arts and communication industries. The Career Center staff will also provide ways to engage you in exploring your career path as well as guide you through the array of employment options that your chosen major may yield.

Working with various college partners and the city of Chicago, we host a variety of large-scale events such as ConvocationManifestCommencement, and the Wabash Arts Corridor Crawl.

Best wishes on your academic journey and remember that my staff and I are here with a host of support services and resources that will assist you in your academic success.

Sharon Wilson-Taylor, Ph.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs